DELSA is a small mechanical company which has been producing and assembling machines since 1982.
It’s situated in GRANTOLA (VA), it employs 25 people and is directed by its owner Dante Dellea.
It offers on the market innovative solutions suitable to totally or partially automating your enterprise’s production cycle.
The director is supported and assisted by a team of collaborators who want to satisfy the customer, and that is able to study and propose made-to-measure solutions to every specific situation by presenting a preliminary project with its relative cost.
Delsa is a company with 20 years experience in the field of hot stamping and the assembling of integrated components.
DELSA produces machines of its own making, from the initial analysis with the client, and, after the planning stage, it goes on by working mechanical pieces, and finally concludes the process by assembling the machine, testing it and training your collaborators.


DELSA S.r.l. - Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4 - 21030 Grantola - VA - ITALY

Tel. 0332/576490 - Fax 0332/576356 - www.delsaautomazioni.it - info@delsaautomazioni.it